Depending on your business, it may be useful to handle calls differently depending on the time or day.  

For example, during working hours, you may want all calls to be answered right away by a live agent or operator and after-hours, it is directed to a voicemail box.

To activate "Time Conditions", simply follow:
  1. Go to Numbers tab
  2. Set Destination to "Time Conditions"
  3. Hit Save and Apply Changes"

Navigate back to Numbers.  Options button should be active now.  Hit "Options" to view and edit default conditions as shown below.

Setting Time Conditions, After Hours, Weekends, and Weekends on your VoIP phone system.

Weekday = Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Set Time when your office is OPEN and the time the office is CLOSEd

Set Destination to the location where you want the call to be directed to.  Destination can be:

  • Menus
  • Departments
  • Team Members
  • Voicemail