Overview: The Cisco SPA112 2 Port Adapter connects to VoIP service through a wired broadband Internet connection and provides two virtual telephone (FxS) lines to which standard touch-tone 'phones may be connected. The SPA122 is very similar to the SPA112 but includes a second network connection, allowing it to be installed as a bridge or router.

Both include two standard telephone ports to easily connect existing analog phones or fax machines. Each phone line can be configured independently. The SPA122 permits T.38 faxing when used with a provider which supports this capability.

Configuration Details

Connect your PC and SPA112/122 device to the same subnet on your router.  The router is manually configurable at its default LAN address of unless this address has been modified by a previous user configuration change.

Step 1

Power up the Adapter  and allow it to initialise. Connect a PC to one of the router's local area network ports.

Step 2

Open a web browser to and log in with username admin and default password admin.

If the web interface does not appear at the default address (,

dial * * * * 110 # or * * * * 210 # from one of the telephone handsets.  The device will announce its local and external Internet addresses.

Step 3

Click on Voice, then configure Line 1 as follows:

NAT Mapping Enable:   Yes

NAT Keep Alive Enable:  Yes

Proxy:     black.dgnetrix.com

Register Expires:  180

Display Name:     Your name

User ID:     Your Slingshot endpoint SEP Number

Password:     Your Slingshot endpoint password

Dial Plan:     (*x.|x.)

Step 4

Click Submit to submit these changes.

Your done!