SIP for Androids App provides your Android device (tablet or mobile phone) the ability to be a Slingshot IP phone, enabling you to make and receive calls with your Slingshot numbers or extensions wherever you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi or over 3G/4G.

There are several SIP for Androids App in the market and many can be obtained for free.  One of the best is CSipSimple, an OpenSource (GPL) project for SIP on Android.  CSipSimple works with:

Google Nexus One, Passion / Bravo, GW880, Xperia X10a, Eve / GW620, Eris / Desire, One, Streak, Calgary / Motus, Liquid / A1, Moment,, Behold II, DROID / Milestone, Archos Phone, CLIQ / DEXT, O1, Spica / Galaxy Lite / i5700, Pulse, Mini 3i, Sprint Hero, Tattoo, Hero, Galaxy / i7500, Magic / myTouch 3G, Dream / G1

Download and install the latest version of CSipSimple to your Android device from here or from any google search links.


Now you are ready to configure your Slingshot number.

1.   Click CSipSimple icon from your list of apps. 


2.  Click on Add Account.




3.  Scroll down and click Basic under Generic wizards




4. Enter the following information:


    Account Name :   your company name

    User :                      your endpoint SEP,

                                     e.g. 541240002

    Server :        

    Password:            your endpoint password


         User and Password can be obtained from your Slingshot  login

         Dashboard ->Team Member->Endpoints

5.  You’re done!